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The Attars and Perfumes Inspired by Attars by Areej Le Doré

The Attars and Perfumes Inspired by Attars by Areej Le Doré

By John Biebel - 8 October 2022

Featured in Fragrantica here.

Areej Le Doré has had an extremely productive 2022, releasing the fragrance Aquilaria Blossom, followed by perfumer Russian Adam's modern interpretations of Indian Attars, and now a new selection of seven perfumes. The perfumes trace attars in all their broad range of Indian flowers, incense, and woods, named The History of Attar Collection. The precursor to this collection was his Indian Attar Collection, in which five attars were created. The attars focus on some classic themes and some newer explorations of the perfumer's own choosing, including Champa Attar (champaca flower in a sandalwood base), Genda Attar (marigold in sandalwood), Gulab Attar (rose and sandalwood), Motia Attar (a classic sandalwood and jasmine attar), and Tuba Attar (focused on tuberose).

The attars are available at the Areej Le Doré website for a limited time, as they are a limited release and they are becoming scarcer. You can buy the entire collection at a special price with its own distinctive packaging, and with it comes an additional bottle of santal (sandalwood oil) - a highly fragranced Mysore sandalwood oil distilled in 2000. Wearers are encouraged to layer these attars on their skin to create their own blended experiences.

Of particular delight are Tuba Attar and Genda Attar. With the former, the tuberose blossom is transformed from the heavy, narcotic flower into something ethereal and deliciously moody, but with shifting facets of honey, amber, gardenia and daffodil. Genda Attar features the unusual but supremely beautiful marigold flower and its complex scent. Marigold (closely related to calendula in smell) is highly fruity, floral, green, aromatic, and lightly peppery. It melds beautifully with sandalwood to make a remarkable attar.

The History of Attar Collection - This autumn sees the release of seven new perfumes released by Areej Le Doré, The History of Attar Collection. The fragrances are all based on attar forms, with their foundation in Indian perfume tradition, utilizing many subcontinental flowers, spices, and special distillations which have been tested for their purity. The fragrance series includes Al Majmua (an Indian flower chypre perfume based on a famous and challenging attar formula), Ambre de Coco (based on the attar known as Amber Shamama), Beauty and The Beast (a rose-oud and cocoa composition), Gul Hina (based on the Mehendi Attar, which features the henna flower), Le Mitti (a soli-note from a clay distillation also known as Mitti Attar), Malik Al Motia (a floral-amber-oud based on the Motia Attar profile), and Mysore Incenza (a frankincense and aged sandalwood perfume.)

The perfumes of the History of Attar collection are available starting October 8th at the Areej Le Doré website in 48 ml bottles, each is a limited edition, ranging in price from $75 to $390 USD. A sample kit of the perfumes is also available. Please look to Fragrantica for reviews of the new perfume compositions in the coming weeks.

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