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Decant Sample Set - Maison Margiela Replica Line

RM 50.00
Decant Sample Set of Maison Margiela Replica line.

Choice of :-
(a) 1ml x 3 bottle set
(b) 1ml x 5 bottle set
(c) 3ml x 3 bottle set
(d) 3ml x 5 bottle set

DM or whatsapp 01112334746 for selection after making purchase. Sorry, no duplicate order of same fragrance, only different fragrances making up the set.

List of Maison Margiela Replica line available for selection :-

1. By The Fireplace
2. Jazz Club
3. Whispers In The Library
4. Lazy Sunday Morning
5. Beach Walk
6. Under The Lemon Trees
7. At The Barber's
8. Spring Time In The Park
9. Flower Market
10. Music Festival
11. Sailing Day
12. Coffee Break
13.Bubble Bath
14. Matcha Meditation
15. Autumn Vibes
16. When The Rain Stops

17. On A Date

18. Across Sands