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Annick Goutal - Le Chevrefeuille

Anick Goutal - Le Chevrefeuille

Honeysuckle is a white floral with a distinctive honey sweetness that differentiates it from other white florals, for example, the pronounced astringency and sometimes indolic jasmine or the spicy waxiness of lily.

Le Chevrefeuille (pronounced as Share Four Fray Year) which means honeysuckle in French, is a soft, wonderfully natural and unpretentious honeysuckle that is embraced with just the right amount of green creating an interesting contrast between the floral's ethereal and delicate qualities with the freshness and liveliness of the green.

This 20-year-old Goutal is through and through feminine and while I enjoy using it myself occasionally for its scent alone, it is one that I would much prefer to smell on the fairer sex. It adds attractiveness many folds.❤️❤️❤️

Get a whiff of sexiness with a decant sample here.

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