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Reviewing Etat Libre D'Orange Soul of My Soul

Hello Fragrance Enthusiasts, welcome to the channel Decoris Amora.

Today we’ll be looking at a fragrance from the House of Etat Libre D’Orange called Soul of My Soul.

But first, a little about the House. Etat Libre D’Orange or more fondly called ELDO, was created out of disenchantment with modern perfumery. Its founder  Etienne de Swardt founded the House in 2006 to start a perfume revolution by eschewing trends and embracing all that is unconventional and rebellious, hence the name of the House which means The Orange State of Freedom in French.

ELDO’s approach to developing its perfumes is to work in collaboration with perfumers and Soul of My Soul was created in collaboration with acclaimed Malaysian born Givaudan nose Shyamala Maisondieu.

Soul Of My Soul is a highly extroverted, explosive aromatic fusion of spices, resins, florals, woods and musk, under an ultra-diffusive milky and buttery cloud. The fragrance’s name references a fond childhood memory of the brand’s founder, while the idea for the scent itself was born out of his fascination with Hindu cosmogony.

The packaging is exquisite on this one with a premium box and a side metal relief on the bottle which actually sets it quite apart from many other perfumes.

All in all, a good one to add to the collection.  

 If you are interested in trying this fragrance, it is availabe here.

 Until the next video, Have a Great Day everyone!

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