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Jo Malone, the Rebellious?

Jo Malone, the Rebellious?

Jo Malone's collaboration with Zara is one of the more  exciting news in the fragrance world in recent times, but not all in the industry is happy with it. For one reason, it is because  it starts the movement to make quality fragrances at affordable prices more readily available to perfume lovers. This obviously won't sit well with the conglomerates whose interest it is to keep perfumes exclusive and hence justify the intimidating sticker prices. 


As such, I applaud the approach from Jo Malone, the perfumer. This is rather ironic as Jo Malone London the company, has been in the hands of Estee Lauder for just over two decades making this collaboration sneakily imbued with a touch of rebellion and dare I say, revolution?     


The Vibrant Cities line in this collaboration is a fantastic example on how quality perfumes can be offered at very competitive prices. Constructed in EDP formulation, it can rival many of the mainstream designer fragrances being   sold now for two or three times   the price of this line. Obviously it is still some way to go to be comparable to niche fragrances but that is not in the conversation as something  like this was never intended to be a competing product anyway.      

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