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Chergui - The Captivating Moroccan Desert Wind

Chergui - The Captivating Moroccan Desert Wind

Serge Lutens's Chergui, or in Arabic, Shargi as it is prounounced  is a fragrance that has become a staple in the collections of many perfume enthusiasts. Released in 2005, this composition by master perfumer Christopher Sheldrake has been praised for its complex blend of notes that evokes the romanticism and mystery of the Moroccan desert.


The opening of Chergui is a warm and inviting combination of tobacco leaf, honey, and amber. The sweetness of the honey is perfectly balanced by the smoky bitterness of the tobacco, creating a rich and intoxicating aroma that is both comforting and alluring.


As the fragrance develops, the herbaceous scent of hay comes to the fore, evoking the vast fields of wheat and barley that cover the Moroccan landscape. The woody, resinous scent of sandalwood complements the hay, adding depth and complexity to the composition.


The dry down of Chergui is a sensual blend of vanilla, musk, and tonka bean. The sweetness of the vanilla is tempered by the warm, animalic scent of musk, creating a seductive and intimate aura. The tonka bean adds a nutty, creamy quality to the composition, rounding out the fragrance and providing a satisfying conclusion to the olfactory journey.


The sillage and longevity of Chergui are impressive, with the fragrance lasting for hours on the skin and leaving a noticeable trail in its wake. The composition feels luxurious and sophisticated, with a perfect balance of sweetness and smokiness that makes it suitable for both daytime and evening wear.


Overall, Serge Lutens Chergui is a masterpiece of perfumery that is sure to delight lovers of complex, elegant fragrances. While the scent may not be for everyone, those who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating a high-quality perfume are sure to be impressed by Chergui's intricate blend of notes and its captivating, sensual character.


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