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Federic Malle Monsieur - An Uncouth Gentleman?

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Patchouli is no doubt a classic and timeless fragrance note that many people love.

I am no exception. 

Where I am in the minority is on the common compartmentalisation of patchouli as a classic refined gentlemen's scent. I could never understand that classification. To me, patch smells earthy, raw, rough, unrefined and aggressive. The antithesis of a gentlemen. Patchouli conjures up Woodstock for me but I am also aware of the common mistaken association of the smell of patchouli as the smell of cannabis when the former was in fact used to mask the scent of the weed. In time and without the benefit of this realisation, people tended to mistake what cannabis smells like to that which is really patchouli and hence the disconnect to refinement. 

But obviously my nose don't match how the entire fragrance industry views patchouli as even the venerable Federic Malle has named this Bruno Jovanovic creation from an exotic plant that grows mainly in India as Monsiuer, the French address to the supposedly refined and sophisticated gentleman. 

Monsieur is no doubt a quality fragrance and it opens with an understated citrusy aroma of bergamot and lemon that dissipates fairly quickly. It is then a patchouli show front and centre for most part of the wear, only sharing the stage late on with a nice soft cedar that blends and complements the green earthiness of the patchouli. There is amber in the notes breakdown but not discernible to my nose at all - perhaps it is there not so much as a distinct aroma but to provide heft, volume and longevity to the patchouli. 

Quite a linear wear on my skin and I don't expect a great range of development for others as the design of this fragrance seems to be to project a certain scent profile from start to finish. 

All in all a great quality scent with decent enough performance but not particularly unique. 

Interested to try this Monsieur? The link to purchase a decant is here.


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