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Dior's Grand Bal - A Tantalising Twirl

Dior's Grand Bal - A Tantalising Twirl

Continuing with my fascination with white florals, the aftermath of a refreshing evening downpour in the city centre is the perfect setting for this Francois Demachy creation in Dior's La Privee Collection. 

 A decade on from its release, Grand Bal continues to capture in scent the essence of feminine elegance with jasmine in the starring role and in a quiet but essential cameo, the unmistakable sweetness of ylang-ylang which in this creation is not of the prominence of the Le Labo issue. This supporting role blends beautifully with the jasmine, disarming it from the piercing greenness that the flower in its fresh natural state exudes.

I tend not to group scents into categories, eschewing the practice of religiously assigning times and occasions most suited to a perfume's wear. I think it does not do justice to the freedom to enjoy the pleasures of fragrance at any given moment of your choice. But I have to admit that Grand Bal is an exception simply because it is so suited to  an evening of grandiose, grace, style and sophistication.

 The coolness of the evening  with dusk now in an approaching embrace lays testament to the allure of Grand Bal as it calls out to be  the perfect accompaniment to the anticipation and excitement of nocturnal festivities.

 Try it, you'll love it!



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