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Lush's Lust - A Jasmine Jaunt

Lush's Lust - A Jasmine Jaunt

Jasmine is one of my favourite notes, although in most parts it features mostly in fragrances for women. Luckily I'm one who don't view fragrances along gender lines, what a waste if you do.

But jasmine per se is also quite volatile given that it could be indolic on one end of the spectrum while being gloriously delicate and intimate as jasmine sambac, the floral that has seen its value rise five folds after Dior used it as the feature note for the J'adore line.

Lush's Lust is a jasmine between the two extremes and is uniquely composed with the distinctive aroma of ylang ylang which straddles between the florally and slightly bitter of the jasmine and the taut sweetness of neroli.

But beware on the trigger as this is both loud in fragrance and performance. Nuclear you could say.

Have a great long weekend friends.

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